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Let's create a better lifestyle together.

Good nutrition is the foundation for a vibrant lifestyle, as well as a strong body and mind. Good nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated.

I’ll help you make changes that will fuel your body, help prevent chronic disease and lead to a healthier you. Perhaps most importantly, we’ll make changes you can maintain for life.

No more yo-yo dieting!
Enjoy REAL food!
Stop counting every calorie!

Nutrition needs are unique to each person. Together, we’ll design an individualized nutrition prescription tailored to meet your personal needs and tastes. Whether you’re struggling to lose weight, want to avoid chronic disease, or simply want to improve your nutritional balance and feel more energetic, I can help you!

About Me

Proper nutrition has the power to transform one’s health – body, mind and soul."

Growing up, I was fortunate to be surrounded by
good cooks. Some of my fondest memories are of time spent in my great-grandmother’s kitchen. At a very young age, I would stand on an old wooden stool, in front of her farmhouse style sink, peeling potatoes or carrots, while she, my grandmother, mother and aunts all helped prepare meals. These experiences instilled the importance of home cooked meals and family time.

Over the years, my desire to cook was often diminished by a busy life: school, work, family and friends all crammed into a short day! Who had time to cook? So, we fell into the trap of believing going out to eat was easier. Unfortunately, eating out usually meant eating lower quality food.

While life was happening, I found myself focusing more and more on health issues that cropped up. I was seeing several different doctors but finding little relief. 

At a young age, I began suffering from migraines and had unexplained hypoglycemia. In addition, I had frequent digestive issues, including abdominal pain and bloating and other symptoms. In my teen years, I began to see associations between these issues and the food I consumed. This is when my fascination with nutrition began. 

My journey to becoming an RDN was a long one. I played with several careers along the way. After the birth of my daughter, while dealing with health issues, I decided to become an RDN. By the time I graduated, I was 45 years old, more than twice the age of some of my classmates, but I knew I was on the right path. 

By the end of my first semester in the dietetics program, I had severe insomnia, anxiety that lead to depression, nerve pain, GI
distress, severe weight loss and almost dropped out. Thanks to my very supportive professors, I made it through. In the fall of the second year, I met an RDN specializing in integrative and functional nutrition. With her help, I learned I had several nutrient deficiencies and an auto-immune disease, all of which played a significant role in my declining health. 

After making changes to my diet and improving my nutritional balance, I rarely experience migraines, and my digestion improved.
My insomnia and anxiety/depression are gone. 

My quest to heal my own body has led me to want to help others do the same. I believe that it is this quest that fuels my passion for nutrition and my desire to further my studies in integrative and functional nutrition.

What is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist?

An RDN is essentially an expert in food and nutrition with education, 1200 hours of experience and passing of an exam issued by the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR).  Continuing education is required to maintain registration status.

My credentials include:

  • Post-bachelor certificate in dietetics from Wayne State University.
  • Clinical practicum at Providence Park Hospital, as well as additional practicums in community nutrition and long-term care.
  • CDR ID Number: 86063758
  • BS in food service management from Madonna University.
  • Continuing education in integrative and functional nutrition.

What makes me different from your typical RDN?

  • I hate the word “diet!” I don’t starve myself, and I don’t expect you to either.
  • I eat fats, including butter and other high fat foods like cheese and beef.
  • I’m not a vegetarian, but I LOVE vegetables.
  • I am a Master Gardener Volunteer and grow many of my own veggies!
  • I believe in eating nutrient-rich real foods. 
  • I practice mindfulness.

Together, we’ll review diet, lifestyle, health, family and social connections to see what impacts your nutritional balance. We’ll work together achieve your goals.

Let me inspire you to make lifestyle changes that will improve your body, mind and soul!

My Services

Individualized Nutrition Counseling

I understand that changing your diet is not easy and having support is critical to your success. Although I do offer single visit options, most clients achieve better and life-long results with on-going nutrition counseling. Package programs are offered to encourage long term commitment to your individualized goals and support your journey. Contact me at (248) 961-0561 for details.

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Initial Assessment/

60-90 minutes

We’ll discuss your current diet and health history, as well as, physical activity level, work life, family and social life, stress level, sleep, cultural influences and more. Nutrition impacts, and is influenced by, every aspect of your life, so we’ll look at the whole person – body, mind and soul. Together, we’ll set goals and a nutrition plan that works for you.

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Follow-up Visits

40-60 minutes

Consider this a check-in: we’ll review your progress and any challenges encountered, as well as answer your questions. If need be, we’ll make adjustments to your plan so that you can achieve and maintain your goals. This time is all about you! I will provide support and education as you wish. Follow-up visits help you maintain accountability to yourself, also.

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Grocery Store Tour Counseling

45-60 minutes

For established local clients only.  Learn to shop for the most nutritious foods, while avoiding common pitfalls and traps. We’ll review the different departments, as well as reading labels and ingredients to avoid.  We’ll discuss nutritious pantry staples, also.

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Call Lisa at (248) 961-0561 for a free 10-15-minute consultation to see if her nutrition counseling is right for you!

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